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Animal Feed

Animal Feed

Most animal feeds contain by-products of animals. These animal by-products shall be of Halal culture. Halal feeds are getting larger market shares in many Muslim countries. The idea of Halal feed contains products from plants and microbial processes only. Due to economic reasons, animals are being fed with all kinds of animal-based ingredients that would not be fit for human consumption. For Muslims, this abhorrence is the height of these animal's by-products that come from a pig.

Gulf countries are asking for plants based feed for their chicken farms. There have been several cases where imported livestock was canceled because animals were fed pig-based feed. In 2009, Pakistan Supreme Court issued orders to destroy imported poultry feed that was contaminated with pig products. Muslims living in Europe are mostly concerned about consuming fish that had been fed pork fat and protein. Halal-certified animal feed is one that is processed through plants based raw material and microbial or through Halal culture animal by-products only.

If you want to know more about the Halal certification of Animal feeds please contact Minhaj Halal Certification.