Our LocationMinhaj University Road, Township, Lahore

Organizational Policy

  • We are committed to provide quality services that consistently satisfy expectations of our customers in local and international market. We are fully committed to continually improve the effectiveness of Halal system by complying with the Standards and statutory / regulatory requirements. The trained work force is geared up to achieve this common target for provision of Halal and quality products to the market. We also ensure that our activities are in line with basic Islamic Shariah principles.
  • Management is committed to develop, implement and maintain the Halal Management System and related programs in line with the organization’s Objectives and also ensure implementation of the same through integrity, dedication and impartiality.
  • Availability of the Traceability of Halal Certification

MHC Policy

  • Develop process and procedures to meet Objectives of the Organization
  • To work closely with our esteemed clients to meet their expectations according to mutually agreed scope of work.
  • To develop and implement a Certification program, to be recognized and accepted globally.
  • To strive for becoming a center of excellence in Halal field.
  • To be a market leader in services, training and certification of Halal Sector
  • To set high quality professional standards
  • To obtain required accreditation wherever and wherever required.
  • Endeavor to develop, maintain and sustain the quality of the MHCB operations
  • Adherence to best practices of Halal Sector
  • Constant monitoring and training to improve human resources of the organization