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Food Additive Manufacturers

Food Additive Manufacturers

 A food ingredient is any substance that is added to a food to achieve the desired effect. The term “food ingredient” includes food additives, which are ingredients added to foods for specific technical and/or functional purposes during processing, storage, or packaging. There are thousands of food additives that are used in food processing. Consumers have concerns about additives because they may see the long, unfamiliar names and think of them as complex chemical compounds, and some consumers question about the source of food additives whether it is Halal or not Halal.

Actually, every food we eat – today and that we purchase from grosser is made up of chemical compounds that determine flavor, color, texture, and nutrient value. All food additives are might not be Halal. The guiding Halal Food standards ensure that food that is Halal and safe to eat shall be processed. Only those Food additives shall be used in food processing which is from Halal sources using Halal processes. It is studied from various observations that imported food items and additives are at higher risk of not following Halal guidelines. Minhaj Halal Certification acquires the support of expert Halal food auditors and food technologists so that they could ensure all additives of food are processed according to Islamic laws.

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