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Cereal and confectioneries

Cereal and confectioneries

Cereal-based products include a large number of staple food products such as bread, breakfast cereals, cakes, candies, doughnuts, cookies, biscuits, pastries, chewing gum, pan-masala, toffees, etc. The processing and composition of these products vary a great deal. The major ingredients used in this group of products are flavor, sugar, and shortening. There are possible hundreds of more ingredients used in cereal products, depending on the nature of each product. Some of the commonly used ingredients in confectionery industries where Halal culture shall be tested as in the use of Gelatin, Mono- and di-glycerides, Emulsifiers, Pan greases and release agents, food coatings, L-cysteine, etc.

Enzymes have been used for many centuries. There is evidence of the use of enzymes in cheese-making as mentioned in Greek epic poems dating back to 800 BCE. Today enzymes are used for many purposes and in many industries. The international union of biochemists has developed a system to classify enzymes. Naming enzymes involves a numeric classification, a long systematic name, and a short, easy-to-use name. These ingredient names are not easily understood by the consumers. However, each enzyme shall be tested for Halal culture and source in Cereals and Confectionaries.  Although the process of cereals and confectionary production might be very simple there shall be Halal checkpoints to ensure whether production is Halal or not.

If you want to know more about Halal certification of Cereals and Confectionary please contact Minhaj Halal Certification.