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Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

All-natural minerals and chemicals are Halal except those that are poisonous, intoxicating, or hazardous to health. Industrial chemical production in agreement with Islamic laws puts a considerable challenge on both the companies and the religious authorities. The difficult problems can only be solved through trustworthy cooperation. Halal-certified chemicals have a huge demand in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry for Halal manufacturing.  Many complex and advance technology is being used nowadays to compete in the rapidly growing global Halal industry. Productions of gelatin, glycerin/glycerol, emulsifiers, enzymes, ethyl alcohol, preservatives, food coloring, sweeteners, and various chemicals for processing products for Muslim consumers require Halal certification.

The major objective of Halal certification for chemicals is the exclusion from the outset of any potential contamination by Haram materials. For example, form oil used as a release agent, or lubricants and emulsifiers, might contain components from Haram animal sources. Another example is to observe the processing aids such as glycerin, or added flavoring or fragrance substances, whether these are produced through animal origin or not. Only after finding the culture of all compounds these comply to be certified as Halal.

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