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Restaurants and Catering

Restaurants and Catering

Halal certification at restaurants ensures that foods are served according to Islamic dietary laws. Halal means permitted or lawful or fit for consumption. When a restaurant or catering service gets Halal certified the consumer expectations signifies attributes such as trust, safety, hygiene, and quality. Different International surveys indicate that the demand from non-Muslims also grows when any restaurant has a Halal certificate because it also increases their confidence level in the quality and safety of the food.

In food services terms, Halal affects quality and hygiene compliance in food manufacturing practices as well as restaurant/catering food services. This subject is increasing its significance in the foodservice business because of increasing Muslim demand, and also its growing internationalization as a result of Muslim tourists. The term Halalan Tayyabn (wholesome) encircles the food supply chain with respect to the Halal concept. The application of Halal should apply to all stages of processing from farm to table. Halal certification provides for greater consumer confidence as it allows consumers to make an informed choice on their purchases.
After acquiring Halal certification for restaurant and catering the management of Restaurant/Catering and Owner ensures that all the elements of the supply chain from sourcing the raw material, handling, processing equipment, processing, storing, transporting, preparing, and delivering to the patrons was according to Halal control points.

If you want to know more about the Halal certification of Restaurants and Catering services please contact Minhaj Halal Certification.