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What we do?

In the regulatory sector, government authorities implement laws covering the approval of products (including services) for reasons of safety, health, environmental protection, fraud prevention or market fairness. In the voluntary sector, many lines of food industry, both within an economy as well as globally, are using non Halal sources which are not easily traceable by the customers. For that reason, there is an increasing demand for impartial verification of Halal food manufacturing, processing, packaging etc. Such a verification is done by the Minhaj Halal Certification working as a Halal Certification Body that is impartial in relation to its clients, and normally operate in a non-profit distributing manner.

Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority issued a standard for Halal Certification Bodies to facilitate both producers and supervising organizations (Halal Certification Bodies). A system to certify Halal food manufacturing process is aimed at providing confidence to the Muslims. Such a system should facilitate cross-border trade, as pursued by trade authorities and organizations among the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC).

The Minhaj Halal Certification (MHC) operates a third-party certification system in a consistent and reliable manner, thereby facilitating its acceptance on a national and international basis and thereby furthering the international trade. The MHC operates according to globally accepted requirements in an equivalent manner and takes into account the interests of all Muslim Sects concerned. It takes into consideration the views of the consumers, scientists, technologists, Islamic scholars and testing authorities.

The general requirements of the Minhaj Halal Certification and condition for its certification are specified by Pakistan Standard (PS 4922). The MHC uses the certification system that includes the following:

Halal Certificate for specific product for a specific duration: The Minhaj Halal Certification issues a Halal Certificate for a specific product for a specific duration. This type of certificate signifies that the listed product or products meet the Halal standard i.e. PS 3733 for Halal Food Management System-Requirements for any organization in the food chain. The MHC issues such a certificate for a specified quantity (batch certificate) of the product designed for a particular distributor or importer.

Yearly Certification: The Minhaj Halal Certification issues the certificate yearly; it should not automatically be renewed subject to passing the annual inspection, through Halal compliance in accordance with the PS 3733 for Halal Food Management System-Requirements for any organization in the food chain.

Trainings: The Minhaj Halal Certification conduct different trainings, workshops and courses in collaboration with some of the renowned organizations and best available trainers for Halal Food Safety Management System, Halal Lead Auditors Course, and HACCP. We believe in participatory approach of learning where participants also learn during their exposure visits to the industry.