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Packaging Manufacturing

Packaging Manufacturing

When it comes to packaging, wrapping all food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are wrapped and packed with different materials in different ways. Some packaging materials are questionable with regard to the packaging of Halal products. In some cases, stearates, which can be of animal or vegetable origin, are used in the production of plastic bags and containers. Waxed and coating applied to plastic, paper, and Styrofoam might contain animal fats. Metal cans and drums can also contain animal fats. Additionally, packaging could be of vegetable, mineral, lac-resin (shellac), bottled, plastic, and wrapping film, gelatin made, or animal-based. It is important to understand how some packaging can contaminate the product and only Halal cultured packaging material is Halal certified.

 After the rapid growth of the Halal industry and Halal certification, now most of the consumers tend to focus on the Halal status of packaging as well. Manufacturers who acquire Halal certification are bound to pack the product in Halal packaging it might be foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals products. Halal Certification bodies verify the origin of the materials and manufacturing process to make the packaging. The potential of the growing global halal market is bringing more and more packaging industries under Halal certification to ensure Halal and wholesome.

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