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 Certified Halal Professional

Course Features

Duration 6 months
Certificate Yes
Assessments Yes

Certified Halal Professional

The word “Halal” has become quite common in the world of the food industry for two decades, primarily due to the export of food products. In the market, people are interested to learn about Halal in the context of Shariah and Fiqh to get maximum information and religious requirements at the industry. This diploma caters to the current needs of food industry professionals and Shariah scholars.

Salient Features:
  • Industries top-notch experts/trainers will be conducting these classes
  • Online studies for students and professionals  from all over the world
  • A true blend of Shairah and Science
  • Exposure visits of Halal Industry
  • Included up-to-date standards for study
  • Enables to start a new career in rapidly growing Industry

Study Program:
This Course is based on 3 modules
  • Fiqh Ul Halal in food industry 
  • Halal food operations
  • Halal Auditing Management System 

Course Details:
  • On-Campus Studies/Online Studies
  • Weekend classes

Who should pick?
Anyone from any background or professional can opt for this course.  Personnel from the following industry can get maximum benefit.
  • Food Technologists 
  • Industrial manufacturing specialists 
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Shari’ah Advisors 
  • Quality Controllers 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Training Managers 
  • Product Managers 
  • Audit Professionals 
  • Lecturers 

Learning Outcomes:
  • Knowledge and academia regarding Shariah and Food Industry.
  • Capacitate Professionals for a blend of Shariah and Science knowledge.
  • Shariah guidelines for production requirements
  • Halal Audit Requirements and Methodology