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International Conference on Pharma, Food & Healthcare

International Conference on Pharma, Food & Healthcare Minhaj Halal Certification participated in Pak Pharma Health Care Expo held in Expo Center Lahore (11-13 feb 2020). There was a workshop organized by National Alliance For Safe Food at this occasion. The technocrats and shariah scholar of Minhaj Halal also participated in this useful workshop. Halal experts in pharma and HCBs discussed PS:5442:2019, Halal standards for health care products which were developed by the PSQCA. The expanding global Muslim population has increased the demand for halal pharmaceuticals. However, there are several challenges for this emerging niche industry, foremost of which is the need to establish a proper, well-regulated, and harmonized halal management system for pharmaceutical companies and continue Shariah and scientific research related to pharma industry to meet the upcoming challenges. The scholars from Minhaj Halal Certification and our team noted the areas of study. We are thankful to National Alliance for Safe Food for providing this opportunity and useful plateform during the Pak Pharma Health Care Expo.