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Launching of Minhaj Halal Certification

Launching of Minhaj Halal Certification

Muslims constitute 23% of the global population. In today’s globalized world, Muslim consumers’ expectations of halal food, halal finance, and overall halal system are most important factors that lead to the growth of the halal market. The global halal market has emerged as a new growth sector in the global economy and is creating a strong presence in developed countries and Muslim world and the halal industry has now expanded well beyond the food sector further widening the economic potentials for halal. Therefore, from corporate identity to corporate culture, spatial design to marketing policies, marketing tools and media the companies in the halal market segment give particular importance to religious indicators and sensitivity. The world community has now begun to understand the importance of the Muslims requirement for food and other consumption known as halal.

On the sixth day of January in 2019, during the 2nd World Islamic Economics and Finance Conference (WIEFC) in Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, Dr. Hussain Mohiuddin (Deputy Chairman Minhaj ul Quran International, and Chairman Minhaj Halal Certification Bureau) announced the launch of Minhaj Halal Certification (MHC). This shall be another addition to the halal certification bodies in Pakistan. MQI will be a strength for MHC, and it will serve the humanity with its potential team of sharia experts and food science specials for Pakistan and International halal industry. While addressing on this occasion, Dr. Hussain Mohiuddin said “Minhaj Halal Certification Bureau is another venture of Minhaj ul Quran International aimed to serve the Halal Sector at national and global levels. Based in Lahore, MHC will serve the global Halal Community through Certification, Training, Awareness, Consulting and R & D services. Our goal is to serve the local Halal Industry with innovative and new products and services enabling them to play their due role in the development of the Sector as Pakistan despite being a large producer of Halal Meat, Food and other products has a very marginal share in global Halal business. MHCB has a great advantage of the backing of strong Shariah academia. This strength coupled with the Food Technology and other departments of Minhaj University Lahore gives a unique edge to MHC to be a global market leader of the Halal Industry in not-too-distant future.” Participants of 2nd WIEFC appreciated the idea of MQI to launch MHC which will not only operationalize in Pakistan but also intervene into other countries of MQI presence. This would be another initiative of MQI for serving the mankind with dignity.

First batch of Halal Lead Auditors course (26-30th December 2018) was conducted by the Bureau Vertis trainers. MHC had already working to develop its work force. 5 participants of the course were awarded certificates of participation at this eve. Dr. Muhammad Asif (Iftikhar and Co), Dr. Samar Rasheed (Food Science scholar of MUL), Ms. Hadia Javed (Food Science scholar of MUL), Mr. Waheed Cheema (Pure Foods), Mr. Tariq Javed (Pure Foods) were awarded certificates of Halal Lead Auditor Course by Dr. Hussain Mohiuddin. Furthermore, members of the MHCB board of directors Mr. Raja Tahir Latif, and Malik Saeed Alam and other team members Mr. Ubaidullah Noshahi and Mr. Faraz Akhtar also joined this ceremony.